Friday, May 05, 2006

Baby loves grass

We've investigated every inch of this house with Lucy as a distraction from the monotony of baby life. Toys are different toys in various parts of the house. Songs have a different ring when sung in the bathroom (duh), vs the kitchen. Every book has been read, every item shown to Lucy with glee in hopes she'll take to it like a new toy (and she does). Hard to believe, but I almost felt like I was running out of tricks to entertain. Kind of pathetic, I know, with an 7.5 month old baby. That's why we are all so thankful we can now go outside on a regular basis. If Lucy is in a bad mood, all we do is take her outside and her senses are bombarded with stimulus. Trees, birds, wind, sun, flowers. And today, I introduced Lucy to mother nature's trump card, GRASS (the legal kind of course people). She played with that stuff for a LONG time, but not too long, as to lose the novelty. We'll make sure to use that distraction up before she starts eating the great green blades, which could be soon. Lucy's starting to sprout a little tooth! Stay tuned for photos of the big entrance.

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