Monday, May 22, 2006

New photos

While we've been painting the house, Grandma has been working equally as hard taking care of Lucy. We've been busy, but I've gotten enough grief about Lucy's Shriner photo, that I had to take a break and put up these new images I took yesterday. Lucy has a new smile, that shows off her new lower tooth. You can't see it, but we don't tell her that.

Photos of the house will come in time. I'm waiting until we are completely done, for the full drama of the before and after image. But my first words of wisdom on painting a house are - RENT A PROFESSIONAL GRADE SPRAYER. Best $100 we've ever spent and we painted the entire house in one day. The trim is another story. Taking the trim from black to white has required three coats, and that equals three days. The house certainly is yellow. I'm not sure if the old school neighbors appreciate the brightness we have brought to the block. They've been living with drab white/off white/dirty white on this street for more than fifty years, so it might take another fifty for them to appreciate color.


Mama Grouch said...

Holy Crap! Teeth! Teeth! Teeth! Lucy has teeth! She looks so grown up I can't even stand it.

Bets said...

I want to see the corner of the house that Lucy got to paint!