Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Things of note this week:

Eli has jumped, fallen, flown, soared and slid off everything in my entire house this week.  Remarkably, he has not (seriously) injured himself.  Yet.

Lucy's teeth get smaller by the day.  She grinds them and they are slowly disappearing.  I see it very clearly in photos.  I'm told some kids do this and once they get their permanent teeth in it will stop.  I'm not convinced. 

Lucy dressed up as a 'Cowboy' one day.  She even went to school like this, which is remarkable in itself, since she rarely wants to call attention to the way she dresses.

Eli has taken to barfing on random occasions.  In the car, at the dinner table, in his bed.  He usually tells me when he is done "ALL DONE", then takes off running to jump off something else.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Hey, he INSISTED on wearing the Dora undies.  Wore them to bed, all night too.

And speaking of beds, Eli has moved out of his crib, into a bed.  But, I still have the crib in the corner of his room, just in case I need to keep him contained!  It's hard to slow down Superman.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Recap, 2010

This was the first year that Lucy really understood the full concept of Halloween and appreciated it.  That made it fun and extra special.  I've learned over the years to pick out comfortable clothes for her costume -- they can't be itchy or too over the top.  This year, she requested a mask to wear with her skeleton costume.  She wore it here and there, around the house and in the car.  But, she didn't want to wear it Trick or Treating or to any of the umpteen Halloween parties we attended. 

The pathetic one of the season was Eli.  Poor kid has been sick on and off for almost two weeks now.  On Halloween, he was so sick, he couldn't even go out for candy.  He stayed home with Dad.  Conveniently, there was a Vikings game on, so Ken was more than happy to stay home with the sick kid.  We were up with him most of the night, as he was raging through a fever, in excess, at times of 103.  The antibiotics finally kicked in today, so he is on the mend.  He keeps picking up the candy bags and looking at me and saying, "Trick or Treat'?  I haven't really had the heart to tell him he missed out.  We just load him up with all of Lucy's nut and chocolate candy and call it even.

She insisted on painting her pumpkin white first, then applying a face.  We also carved pumpkins, but that was so hectic I didn't get any pictures.

Boo at the Zoo, with her BFF, Zella

Eli at his one and only Halloween event.  He was dressed up as a Fireman, but he got too hot and took off his coat (casualty of Halloween in the south).

Here he is sick, and insisting on wearing the Tutu.