Tuesday, May 09, 2006

House VOTE '06

This weekend we are taking on yet another home renovation project. This should be it until we decide to do something with the basement. Everything else is pretty much done. And when I say everything, I mean everything. But, this is a big one and we need a bit of help. No, I’m not begging people to come lend a hand (although that would be a nice unintended outcome of this posting). I just want your opinion as to what color we should paint the entire outside of our house. Just typing that daunting task makes my body shiver at the impending dread of this project. Grandma is coming to town, so we’ve got Lucyland covered. Last weekend we ‘prepped’ the house. Now we are just waiting for it to stop raining and to make that one last final decision – color.

It’s really down to just two. The baby shit brown color is out. Partially because I think it’s ugly. But also because when people come to our house for the first time, I don’t want to have to describe our house as baby shit brown, or a browny sort of green, or that brown color you’d see on some HGTV sort of show. I just want to be able to say, we live in the yellow house, or the gray house. So the color on the left is out. The trim color is going to be white. We have these stylin’ fancy white windows (aka vinyl replacements), we want the trim to match. So white trim, and YELLOW or GRAY? I like one color, and you know who likes the other. Your vote could be used as ammunition for either one of us to persuade the other onto our side. So vote carefully.

And no comments on our gorgeous siding, please. I already lost that battle.


Robin said...

I have an inkling who is on each side. While I do like Gray and white (ours is lighter gray) I have to go with the yellow...and I can tell you Patrick votes yellow too. He has been lobbying for a yellow house for years! Oh the joy...it really is not too bad once you get going. But then again, we painted ours a year and a half ago...and I've probably blocked the pain of it all.

Elizabeth said...

I just got back from visiting a yellow house -- it was the easiest on the block to find! (wasn't the light brown, medium brown or dark brown house). I vote yellow!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for yellow. easy color to find. easy to landscape for. goes very well with white. I have this project ahead of me this summer as well. re-paint the steel siding or put up vinyl? I'm going with some type of khaki.

Mama Grouch said...

yellow yellow yellow

I really hope j t rdedf that you4rw color is yellow because i think that it isn't looking good for the gray.

my house is yellow with oqlou white tjkuj trim and i love it. we hzve a red door and it all works together.

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Baby Coffee said...

In case anyone is keeping track, here's what others had to say:

Tough call. I am usually hesitant to pull the yellow...

I think a yellow house with white trim is so clean and crisp looking.

I polled $#%^& after I had already picked between the two and we both like the yellow better. Hope that was the one you wanted ;)

The gray doesn’t look very gray…looks like dark brown from here….I vote yellow! (You’ve chosen a very strong yellow, BTW.)

For my choice of color, I agree re the BS Brown but would rather have a lighter gray which isn't a choice. So, the yaller wins my vote. What color is the roof? That might make a difference but would be painfully expensive to change just for the color of it.

Yeah, don't understand how to post my vote, But I like yellow too.

grey for me. I'm not one to make any bold moves however that particular yellow is nice!

I would have voted for gray, but a lighter gray. I don't like the dark gray........therefor I vote for yellow.

Jpeterstjames@comcast.net said...

We both vote for Yellow. Not only because we like it and we have FABULOUS taste (just ask us,)but because it is already painted.

Paul and Joseph
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