Saturday, August 25, 2007

All Done

I know, it's been a long time. I've been feeling guilty, really guilty, for not updating the blog. Sometimes I forget that no one even reads this blog except grandparents. And maybe the occasional pervert who stumbles upon the blog in the middle of the night while surfing every last page of the internet. So really, I shouldn't feel guilty.

We are somewhat settled into the new house and Lucy has adjusted to her new home. The first few days she wanted to leave and would shout her favorite two mantras - "GO GO GO GO" and "ALL DONE ALL DONE ALL DONE", while trying to bust out the front door. She loves her new play room and spends lots of time counting blocks in there. She's always asking to go 'stairs - downstairs'.

Our first days in the new house were also filled with two plumbing leaks, faulty wiring that burned (with smoke and fire) two brand new Bosch dryers, a painter who just about destroyed our home with his 'handywork', fights with the home warranty company (we lost), arguments with the inspection company (lost again) and LOTS OF NEW FURNITURE (that made me feel better for being such a loser). After and in between all of that, we've endured the hottest month on record, EVER, for the state of Georgia. Weeks and weeks of 99 and 100+ days (and of course we get extra credit for the humidity factor). To add insult to injury, they start school down here on August 15th, so that means all the pools are closed during the day and don't open until 4pm. I was back to the opposite problem of Minnesota winters, but really the same problem. What to do with an active todller when you can't go outside? Thankfully, we have Grandma and Grandpa's house to explore, as well as many a Home Depot. One of Lucy's latest favorites is to climb on the tractors and pretend she's driving.

Lucy, although in the full throws of toddlerhood and turning two in less than a month, seems to be figuring out her place in the world a little better and happier on the whole.

She's talking LOUDLY and often and if for some reason you don't hear her the first time, she'll repeat it even louder. She enjoys playing in her pretend kitchen and playing with her school bus, house and little people. She jabbers away to herself most of the day and every sentence seems to include the words ALL DONE. Those were her first words and she hasn't stopped saying them yet.
ALL DONE orange
ALL DONE diaper
ALL DONE water

We haven't been able to help ourselves and taken on a few home remodeling projects. One room is missing a ceiling. Several doors have been replaced or are in the garage getting painted. Several lights have been replaced. Ken replumbed the entire laundry room. Carpet has been cleaned or replaced. And a whole host of other things that are even more boring to list than the ones above. Next is a new floor in the laundry room as well as cabinets throughout for more storage. After THAT, we'll embark on the big project, a new garage and screened in porch. And somewhere in there, we need to do some major work on the landscaping of the place. We've really let things go, especially in the back of the house. Demolition has been piling up and we feel Georgia has already started rubbing off on us. Our back yard is truly embarrasing and most days we feel like we are going crazy. We don't get out much, as you can probably see.

One last thing. I had Lucy retested for allergies. She's still allergic, as you can see in these pathetic pictures of her back. Poor kid, to be tested like this, but she really was quite a trooper during the whole process.

Those hives are reactions to the axis of evil: Milk, Eggs and ALL nuts. The eating fun continues...

Oh, all right TWO MORE THINGS, to rid myself of the guilt for not posting in so long. Two videos of Lucy in a bib way too small for her, eating dinner after getting home from the pool (thus no shirt), with stools on the counter in the background (because they are used as a ladder to access anything Lucy can get her hands on). Can she get any cuter?