Tuesday, December 19, 2006


For Lucy's 15 month birthday today, we gave her what every kid her age wants. Tubes! One for each ear!

We were all prepared for doom and gloom. Long screaming car rides to and from the 'surgery center'. Claw marks on our (OK, mostly my) face. Puke on my body and a half listless child laying on the floor whimpering as we let her watch Baby Einstein until the DVD melted.

It all started out just as we had feared, with a 5am wake up cry. I was able to get her back to sleep, although in a position that completely prevented me from gaining another wink before the 7:30am appointment. At 7am I whisked her from her warm cocoon to the warm car in the garage, braced for 30 minutes of screaming in morning traffic with no food, no drink before the morning procedure. But she just sat there. Sat there looking out the window. Putting up no fight at all. And that's pretty much how the entire morning went. Smooth as a Slurpee on a warm summer day. Hardly any crying. We even stopped at Target on the way home to fill her post surgery ear drop prescription. If Santa is watching, and we know he is, Lucy is SO going to score BIG on Christmas morning.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bad Hair

We've officially entered the baby bad hair days of Minnesota winters. We have no snow, but it's plenty cold and the static cling is unmanageable. The hats and hoods, and naps and barrettes and snot and food and static cling are really taking a toll on Lucy's frock. We haven't found a good solution - yet.

We put up a Christmas tree, and surprisingly, it's still standing. I thought Lucy would dive into the spectacle and wallow around in the tree sap. We've been fairly vigilant at keeping her away. Now she spends part of her day, broadcasting the word NO! at the top of her lungs - like we yell at her and scream NO! every other word all day long. But, this means she can hear, and she's not going deaf from repeated ear infections and fluid build up - good good news. We go to the ENT on Monday to talk about the possibility of tubes. Oh please Mr. Dr. Doc, take pity on us all (especially Lucy) and put tubes in this poor kids ears. She's been much better lately, but that's because she's on antibiotics ALL the time.

To beat the Christmas crowd, we took Lucy to the, um, Mall on Wednesday and got her picture taken with Santa. As you can see in this picture, Lucy is so much happier these days. She was intrigued with Santa and spent most of her time touching his beard. Another successful Santa picture. I am so proud.