Monday, May 15, 2006


The final decision for the house color is yellow. We both actually came to this decision together. The exact shade of yellow is slightly different than the one listed below. I went to a yellow house in our neighborhood to ask the color/make/model of the shade on their house. No one was home. Backup plan was to pick up rocks from around the garage that had been splattered with paint. We took these to the paint store and matched the color! It was a genius day. Only problem now is that it's STILL raining. No painting happened this weekend, nor do we see it happening in the next couple of days. Instead, we've been torturing Lucy with her toys. She doesn't seem to think becoming a Shriner would be a good idea.


Elizabeth said...

That baby looks very sad. You'd better hope Lucy's lawyers don't get ahold of that picture and use it as evidence for her baby emancipation case. ;)

Mama Grouch said...

Man, the rock thing is pure genius.

That picture needs to be saved for the before-the-prom-sitting-on-the-couch- with-the-boyfriend- embarassment talk