Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mechanical Munchkin

In an effort to spice things up here at Baby Coffee, I'll be employing guest writers from time to time. This could either mean I'm getting lazy, or smart. Today's guest writer is G-pa Wilks. Welcome Dad! We are still camped out at the W ranch. Hopefully, all will go well tomorrow at the closing of our new house.

Lucy’s mechanical skills are developing nicely. The plastic triangles, squares and circles all get back in the correct holes in her busy board. She is pretty good with a fork and spoon. She uses them right side up without dropping too much.

A recent mechanical revelation was realizing that you can turn the lock button on the inside door handle of the bathroom door and BREAKOUT. Mom locks her in with her to keep track of her while conducting serious business. Lucy now enters rooms and locks the door behind her . . . because she can. We navigate this house with a screw driver.

Lucy recently rattled the outside door handle of a bathroom door while I was sitting locked inside. Next I heard the unmistakable clink of old keys on a ring I had given Lucy as a toy. She was trying to unlock the door from the outside using a key as a screwdriver. She has seen me do that unlocking twist thousands of times. She might have succeeded had not Amy intervened. Lucy will try again . . . and again.

Someday, if I am a very lucky guy, Lucy might help me repair my wheelchair . . . or my hearing aids. Perhaps I’ll tell her for the umpteenth time the story about when she tried to unlock my bathroom door. Perhaps she will pretend she never heard it before. She’s going to be nice like that I think. You can see it in her smile.