Thursday, March 30, 2006


Tomorrow morning could be very scary. Lucy went to bed tonight at 6:30pm. She's been waking up at 5am...five in the morning...five hours after midnight...2 hours before The Today show even starts and 4 hours before Target opens. So usually, she goes to bed around 7 or 7:30. But the past couple of nights she's gone into complete meltdown mode at about 6pm with no apparent cause. Try to feed bottle - not hungry. Check diaper - dry. Heat up food - spits it in my face. Walk around - almost drop her because she's wiggling so much. Try to feed bottle again - starts screaming louder. Put her in the bumbo/johnny jump up/saucer/various floor space throughout the house - obviously not happy. Finally, shrug shoulders and put her in bed. She wines a couple of times, eyes roll back into head and she drifts off to baby dream land. So the reason I'm so scared is because she went to bed about an HOUR earlier than she normally does. Am I going to need to find something to do for 3 hours (starting at 4am) with Lucy while we wait for The Today show to come on? Will I be eating lunch when others are normally having their first cup of coffee? My only shred of hope is that I read somewhere in the myriad of books/articles/internet postings I frantically read for sleeping tips, that if you put a baby to bed earlier in the evening, they will actually sleep later the next morning. Sounds like a bunch of voodoo hocus pocus that might work on every other baby in the world, but not mine. It's 8:40pm, I better get to bed.

But first, look at this cute photo of the early riser.

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What a cute kid!