Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

The sun was out for more than 20 minutes today. A sure sign Spring is on the way. In hopes that the snow will soon be melted, Lucy donned her first bike Helmut. The bunnies are in honor of my mother. Well, okay, there weren't any other 'girl' choices - and that's a whole 'nother blog topic in and of itself; Why does our baby need to have a girlie Helmut?

No, we don't expect our 6 month old baby to ride a bike quite yet, but we do plan to haul her around behind our bikes in the wonderful 'Chariot'. The Chariot is our combination jogging stroller, bike hauler, cross country ski polk puller and anything else we can dream up. And in order to not have the backs of our shirts seared off by the laser-death-ray-eye-glares from the safety parent police, Lucy needs a brain bucket. Yes, we plan to buckle it and fit it better to her head. Remember, this was just a trial fitting to celebrate the shining sun.

Yeah sun - come on sun. Warm our earth. We want to play outside.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Wilks! I'm *loving* the blog. I feel closer to little Lucy already! Glad to hear your blogger id is just that and not a new feeding method under consideration. ;)

Baby Coffee said...

I'm guessing most people are confused about the blogger ID, since there has been no mention of it, except by you. You know, if you can't say something nice...Well, I needed to come up with some sort of name and most things I wanted were taken. It was 7am (I'd already been up for 2 hours), I was exhausted and pouring myself a cup of coffee. I decided babies are like coffee, because they keep you up all the time. Then I decided that the name Baby Coffee would actually be funny because those are two words you would never put together. Again, remember it was 7am and I was desperate.

Eliza said...

You have such a cute baby, love the helmet too. My son has a hard time finding helmets out here because they are always sold out but there are a ton of pink ones. lol. He's nine now so he refuses most helmets, I tried recently convincing him of the Hot wheel one. lol It didn't work. :)

Love those stroller attachment things. :)

Mama Grouch said...

that helmet is too cool to be called girly! It is very much "cartoon graffiti" and totally rocks. Anyways you can't win with the girly-boyly stuff - the other day I had oscar dressed in a light blue, green, yellow and white striped hoody and my friend said "your mom is dressing you like a girl".

*banging head on wall*