Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tech Savvy and Cool

We took the Chariot out today for a walk around Lake Harriet. That's the lake behind Lucy, ah, yeah, IT'S STILL FROZEN, but the sun graced us with it's warmth and everyone seemed happy. Most people even smiled or said hello or remarked at what a beautiful day it was, which is out of character for Minnesotans. If you need help, they are there for ya, but in the meantime, don't make eye contact. As we were walking I was wondering what, if anything Lucy thinks about being put into the car seat and or the stroller. Does she know I'm right behind her the entire time, or does she think I'm off somewhere doing grown up things? She doesn't seem to mind either contraption and likes looking around at the world.

We don't have anything else planned for the next couple of days. Could be my first dry spell of things to write about on my blog. Don't worry, I'm sure something exciting will happen. I've fixed the comments problem, so feel free to leave one if compelled. So far, my favorite feedback about this whole blog thing was from Ledoux, who remarked "Dude you are either losing it or are extremely tech savvy and cool. Let me think and get back to you". I prefer to think of the latter. Others will politely disagree.

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Mama Grouch said...

Woo Hooo! Lets hear it for the losers!

Er, I mean the losing-it-ers.