Monday, March 27, 2006


I honestly didn't think this day would ever come. I'd convinced myself that Lucy would be acting like 4 month old high maintenance Lucy for the rest of her life. Today, I was shown otherwise. Lucy sat on the floor and played with her toys, while I, first made dinner, then ate dinner, then cleaned up dinner. Of course Ken was working (yes, on a Sunday), so there were no witnesses to this incredible day. I did snap a picture for proof though - see my dinner in the background? I think she was even annoyed when I called her name to look at the camera. She looked, but more in an annoyed, "Ma-ohm, I'm play-ing", sort of way. I figured this would be a good day to start a Lucy and Amy blog. Who knows how long I'll keep it up. I should have started this during the hellaciously long winter. I'm not convinced it's over yet, but the sun did shine today and it was above 40 degrees. I even took the fleece wrap out of Lucy's car seat. She just goes out and about now with a blanket. She's six months old, she's a big girl.


Anonymous said...

Aim, I think I'd have to agree with the former statement, you're loosing it! But I've been there and understand the insanity. It's refreshing to feel and talk like a grown up even if no one in cyberspace but, your parents of course, are listening. I'm here for you hon, I'm listening :) Even if I think your loosing it I like to hear it. Sounds like motherhood is settling in just fine with you. Later-Anne

Anonymous said...

Grandma Sue likes Lucy's new web site. Sweetie it is so nice to see you as you are growing up and progessing. We are all disappointed that we will not get to see you next week, but grandma, Aunt Vickie and your cousins, Jessie and Sara send our love. Hugs and kisses XOXOXO