Thursday, April 06, 2006

Top Five

Lucy, like most babies I assume, has her special quirks – the things that make her unique and at times, make our lives interesting, difficult, funny and confusing.

Here’s my list of the top 5:

1. I’ll start with the latest, first. It took a long time to figure this one out. But in the past day, I’ve used it at least 4 times. The only way to get her to drink her bottle when she’s most hungry and out of her mind, is to put her in her car seat. So much for snuggling with your baby during feeding times. This is probably an extension of her refusal to breast feed after 3 months. That car seat has turned out to be one of her most used items. We’ve used it for sleeping, eating, pacifying, swinging and strolling. With any luck, she’ll start to drag it around like a blankie one of these days and demand to sleep next to it in her crib.

2. You can’t take her clothes off of her, or give her a bath with out her digging her dagger fingernails into her stomach and legs. Try giving a slimy baby a bath AND hold each of her hands at the same time.

3. When put in her crib, she sticks her legs straight up into the air and slams them down onto the mattress over and over and over, until she’s moved herself down the entire length of the crib. She’ll do this for 30 minutes, if that’s how long it takes her to fall asleep. She must have abs of steel underneath that thin layer of baby fat.

4. When she’s mad, like really mad, she starts spitting like a camel. Charming.

5. But her best and cutest as of late, is that little tongue she likes to stick out when thinking about smiling.


Mama Grouch said...

Oh god, I swear The Creep's butt is molded in the shape of his carseat. Nice to know we are not the only one! (that was a really funny image of her dragging it around and sleeping with it)

I have a friend who's daughter does the legs out straight bouncing thing. She worried about it at first but has come to accept it as a normal soothing mechanism. At least she had figured out her own way to get to sleep!

Punk Rock Mom said...

Adorable baby! My daughter is 11 months old and at about 6 months old she started sticking her tongue out and it seemed like she would never put it back in. Then she sprouted some teeth and she stopped. In the last few days she has started it again. I think some new teeth are about to make thier grand entrance!