Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Series of (non fatal) Events

Oh, hi there!  Sorry I've been neglecting all of you faithful readers. I don't know what I've been doing, but surely it was important.

Recently, I made a few questionable parental decisions, that culminated in this:

Eli perched on the top of Lucy's armoire eating gumballs

I started giving Lucy stars for good behavior and when she collects 5 stars she earns a quarter.  I've been using this obvious bribe to not only get her to do what I want her to do, but to also teach her about money.  She collected $1 and was excited to go and spend her dollar in the dollar section of Target.  She looked for a long time.  This girl needs TIME to make decisions, and finally settled on a box of gumballs.  Normally, I would not let her buy this type of thing, but it took so long for her to make this decision in the first place, I just wanted to get out of that store.  Next, she decided she was going to store these well earned gumballs in her room.  Again, normally, I would fight her to the death on this, but for some reason, I let it go.  It took all of about a half of a day for Eli to discover this new pile of sugar, which led Lucy to put them on top of her armoire, out of Eli's reach.  Lastly, Eli was quiet for more than 2 seconds, upon which time I discovered him shoving colorful balls of gum into his mouth.  Now, how did he get up there?

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