Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of Preschool, 2010

The kids started preschool on Tuesday.  Eli will go two mornings a week, and Lucy will be in pre-K 5 mornings a week.  People have been asking what I am going to do with ALL that time...all 6 hours a week without a child.  The list, it is really endless.  But mostly, I will try and get on the workout wagon again.
Lucy has really grown up so much this summer.  She rocked her first day of school and took it in stride.  Eli is growing into a big, loud, opinionated and fast 2 year old.  I sat with him for an hour on his first day (this is the way they do it), and I leave him for an hour on Thursday.  The following week, we will be on a full regular schedule. 

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