Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lucy's 5th Birthday - 9.19.2010

Lucy celebrated her birthday with an out of town friend on Friday evening at American Girl doll store.  In the past, Lucy didn't know you could BUY things from the store, she thought it was just a place to LOOK.  Sorta like a museum.  Go ahead moms, take that nibblet of genius for your children who have not yet been corrupted by The Consumerism.  We blew the top off that old theory and bought a brother (Freddy) for his twin sister Sally, (who has been featured here in the past completely covered from head to toe with scotch tape) and a husky with a dogsled.  And that decision was completely unprompted.  No words like, 'look Lucy a DOGSLED'.  I really don't even know if she remembers I used to instruct dogsledding courses for Outward Bound - could care less, I'm sure.  She had been eyeing it in the catalog, drooling over the thought.  So dogsled it was.  Lucy loves dolls and dogs, so this was a perfect marriage.  I never really played with dolls as a child, much to my mothers frustration.  This love of all things doll related jumped from my mom, over me, right into Lucy.   

Happy 5th Birthday Lucy Marlow!

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Sarie said...

I love that last photo. Is she happy? I'm not sure. She looks happy. I think she's happy! :)

Hope things are going well. Just know, we're all fighting the same fight! Hang in there mama. xoxo