Monday, January 08, 2007

Video Highlights. And yes we are getting our mo-nays worth out of her Christmas PJ's

As promised, a video of The Lucy Crawl. But first, an explanation and an apology. The video is sideways. I don't have the super duper editing version of Quick Time, which would allow me to rotate my video. I'll get there someday when I feel like waiting to download the file and pay $29.99.

Now, why would you walk when you can speed through life THIS fast on your hands and knees. The other skill not captured on video is when Lucy crawls like this, she can also hold something in her hand. Multi-tasking!

And as an added bonus this evening, I give you not one, but two videos. Lucy, sliding down the stairs. Many hours a day are spent monitoring the stairs. Sorry, but it too will put a crick in your neck. It was either this or no post at all. Yeah, I thought so.


Queen of Slack said...

Great videos! I remember those days! I like watching the hubby crawl on the floor too - good humor!


Elizabeth said...

Maybe if Ken stopped crawling, Lucy would, too! ;)