Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The New Lou

Someone came in last week and stole my cranky baby. I now have a toddler that is fairly content at spending time at home. She plays with her toys. She goes to bed at 7:30pm. She laughs and walks and eats food. I'm hoping this isn't just a stage because I'm really starting to like the new Lucy.

I've taken her off Zyrtec because I think it was affecting her sleep. So far, we are okay because it is, no lie, about zero degrees out right now. Hardly any type of airborne allergen can live in that temperature. I did give her a dose of Zyrtec last week after being off of it for a week due to uncontrollable scratching. But then I noticed Lucy stumbling all over the place. And I thought, maybe I should look up those side effects again (dizziness). And you know what - maybe part of Lucy's problem is that she's been drunk for 16 months.

While you think about that, take a look at the day in the life of Lucy. Eating meat (that was her 'bedtime' snack), eating homemade muffins and bundling up to leave the house. I hate hate hate the bundling up process. I'd document it here but you would either fall asleep from boredom, or kill yourself rather than hear the pathetic drama. And did you all know we are moving to Georgia? Well we are, so take - that - Minnesota, and your toddler hating winters!


Elizabeth said...

I can only imagine the pathogens breeding in the warmth of the southern sun...

Grandpa said...

There are very few pathogens in Georgia. The most virulent one, Jimmy Carter, does not live near Lucy's new home. All the rest can easily be controlled with iced tea. It's an organic approach to existential harmony, Y'all.