Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Already Have Zhu Zhu Pets

Lucy is a very persistent child.  I know this will serve her well someday, I really do.  She also has, what I like to refer to as 'sticky thoughts'.  She gets ideas in her head that she simply can not let go.  For quite some time now, she has been stuck on the idea that she needs to have a hamster.  We've been very clear that she is not going to get a hamster.  I think I told her she could get them when she is 7 (because that is the suggested age on the sign at the pet shop).  Not because we are mean!  Exactly the opposite!  We are kind human beings who want to save a poor hamster from being loved to death.  One day, Lucy spent 10 minutes trying to convince us that she knew everything in the world about how to care for hamsters, and thus should be able to get one.  She references her book often (note: she does not know how to read).   I've narrowed that 10 minutes down to 1 in the video below.  We were throwing out hypotheticals to her and the kid did not miss a beat.  She had an answer for everything.  I must confess that I am very proud that we still do not own a hamster.  Because it would have been so easy to cave on any one of the 975 times we have talked about hamsters in the last few months.  Just to stop the words coming out of her mouth.

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Elizabeth said...

She's brilliant! You need to work with Lucy to make your own version of something like this: