Monday, July 12, 2010

Night Rythyms

Eli now rests comfortably in his crib with the crib tent attachment. I've had it in a box in the basement for him for a good 6 months. I think he knew how to get out of his crib, he just didn't really feel like it. Which was nice. But once he really grasped the idea of the freedom, there was no stopping him. This is a lovely invention. I'm planning to keep him in this crib until he is 3, or he outgrows Lucy, whichever comes first.

Lucy is a girl with a lot on her mind and a long list of to do's. This do to list really takes on a whole new meaning at bedtime. There are so many stuffed animals to put to bed, dolls to dress, beds to make and forts to build, it boggles the mind. This week, she has been sleeping with a large copier paper box at the bottom of her bed. This is where her stuffed animal Bolt sleeps. He's got blankets in there and brushes, and leashes jeez, Lucy my eyes have glazed over already.... But I did find a half eaten bagel down there too. I tried to remove it, but a complete meltdown almost ensued. The other day I looked and it was gone, so I guess he ate it.

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Elizabeth said...

Oy mi! Those sleeping babies are so beautiful. I'm going to run up and take a pic of Nathaniel right now.