Friday, November 21, 2008

4 months old

Eli is four months old now, and on a whim I decided he needed to eat cereal. I was going to hold off for another month, but I had visions of a full nights sleep clouding my judgement. Turns out, he didn't like it anyway and spit it all out. My heart dropped a little with each spoonful of food that landed on his bib. I knew he wouldn't make it until morning to eat. After talking with his Dr., we decided to indeed, wait another month or two. Since his sibling has all those allergies, he's much more prone to developing them as well. The longer I wait to introduce food, the better his odds are that he will not develop food allergies.

He's a big kid, this Eli. He is in the 83rd percentile for height and 71 for weight. And that's all from breast milk my friends. You'd think I'd be a skinny minnie, but mother nature is cruel and evil to me.

All the kid wants to do is stand up. No tummy time, no sitting, just wants to stand. Enter, the jumperoo I bought on Craigslist for $30.

Lucy calls this hat his helmet. She gets funnier by the day. Today she told me she wanted to go on a vacation when she woke up from her non existent nap. Which brings me to my next announcement. Apparently, I've completely lost my mind as we are planning to take Lucy to Disney World in December. Please feel free to either tell me what a fantastic idea that is, or shake me until I wake up from my sleep deprived fog.

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Mama Grouch said...

We are leading parallel lives! Maggie just ate her first food yesterday...she didn't hate it but looked a little perturbed. I don't think more than a spoonful ended up in her stomach.

Also...we have the same jumperoo! That I got off of craigslist! The only difference is that my weird little kangaroo is orange.

And...we have big babies who take all our nutrients and leave all of our love handles! Unfair.

Plus...our toddlers are adorable and funny! I can't even imagine how hilarious Lucy is now that she has the ability to voice her opinions.

I love how we are living our friendship through blog comments. :) Someday, my friend, we will have time again for emails.