Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Break

We drove to Florida, and it took less than a day! We left in the morning, and got there mid afternoon. If living in Minneapolis, it would be like driving to Chicago. We weren't in Southern Florida, but it was Florida, and there were beaches and ocean and I know none of you in from Minnesota would complain about that.

Lucy loved swimming in the pool. She liked to talk a big talk about GOING TO THE BEACH, but once we would get there, she didn't really know what to do with herself.

It was nice to get away and enjoy some 'warmer' weather. Lucy did really well in the car and even in the hotel. We were very nervous about the whole sleeping thing, but she had no problem. She looked a little cramped in the pack n play, but she slept, and we rejoiced.

It's been harder and harder to take photos of Lucy lately, as she doesn't seem to like the camera. Here are the best photos of the 4 day trip.

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