Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Becoming A Person

This photo was taken after she pushed the upholstered rocking chair in her room up to her dresser and pulled out most of the CD's and necklaces in the top drawer. I went to see what she was doing, and this is what I found, standing in the rocking chair.

She calls her new piece of clothing a hat. Obviously, potty training is going really well.

I put her down for her nap, with the underwear still on her head. And she still had it on, two hours later!

Today she also said the following phrases:

Oh My Gosh!
Brown Shoes - CUTE!
Stop Whining

I guess it's time to reel in the language. Thankfully, no audible swear words yet. Utterly amazing!


Elizabeth said...

Every child's personality (esp vocal) development should be so well documented. Keep it coming -- updates from Lucy completely make my day. :)

MoD said...

I am laughing so hard I've shed a tear. And nearly peed in my pants. Good stuff! Came to your blog via Steely Danielle.

Steely Danielle said...

Hi there Georgia friends!
Love you blog...congrats on your happy news!

Anonymous said...

So adorable and clever. Thanx for the enjoyable site! Dawn