Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Lucy's been throwing signs like mad since our arrival.

Perhaps that is why it looks like she was the loser in a bar brawl and has bruises on both sides of her face?

Really, the kid just loves to climb ladders now. And since the house we are currently invading was just completely repainted on the inside, the opportunities for accidents were a many. Thankfully, Ken and I coordinated our first long weekend without Lucy during the exact time the painters were in the house. We missed out on most of the chaos. My parents on the other hand were very excited for our return.

Go ahead and mull over the fact that we went away for the weekend without Lucy. That should keep you smiling until the next posting. Because it was SO relaxing.


Mama Grouch said...

Shut up - a long weekend? I would move to Georgia for a long weekend...

Catherine said...

Yeah! You made it to Georgia AND you got a weekend away...how cool!