Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Walking Turds*

The big news to share is Lucy took her first step. There are other things I'll discuss, like the turd I found today on my kitchen floor, but I'll stick with walking for now. Lucy took her first step yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Atlanta. And then today at home, she took 2 steps. At this rate, she'll be walking by Christmas. Perfect timing for the destruction of tree ornaments. It will be sad to see the crawling go, as Lucy has the most unique crawl of any child I've seen. It always makes people smile. Someday, when I'm feeling ambitious, I'll post a video of it. For right now, enjoy Grandma and her grandkids.

The Thanksgiving holiday (hold on, I'll get to the turds, be patient) was complete with more Lucy sicknesses and an expensive trip to CVS. We have new antibiotics, inhalers and new antihistamines to add to her medicine cabinet, but I think she is finally on the mend. I honestly think this poor child has had a recurring ear infection for months and I naively blamed her pain on teething. The guilt.

And finally, the T-U-R-D. Somehow, not one, but two turds found their way out of Lucy's diaper and onto my kitchen floor today. For all I know, there were more and Lucy gobbled them up thinking it was hamburger she threw on the floor! I am not prepared for this. And if you recall, our kitchen floor camouflages everything, so there may be more. I bought new diapers today, more expensive ones with turd flaps. I really hope they work. I never thought I'd be a person who'd have turds on my floor. My house is CLEAN. I don't do floor turds. I can handle poop, and puke and all that other baby stuff just fine. But random turds landing like land mines on my kitchen floor? Please, please, please don't let my child be one of those kids that rips off her diaper and 'plays' in her poop. Next to a child that doesn't sleep (got that), my biggest fear is a poop player.

*This post is a pre-dedication to the much anticipated potty mouth phase.

JUST IN! I took the time (5 whole minutes) to post a video. Here is Lucy today, Wednesday, walking for the first time behind one of her carts.


Elizabeth said...

Even feeling sick, Lucy still has her cute little smile and bright face -- I love that about her! :)

Gamserberg Gazette said...

Now there's something you want to read with the morning coffee. Sounds like they were doing more sleeping than walking. YEAH for WALKING and a possible dianosis for lil' luce!