Monday, November 13, 2006


Seems it's been more than 2 weeks since my last pathetic post, which was basically just a picture. I've been busy doing 'consulting' work and traveling back and forth to Atlanta to visit my family. My last gig involved planning an event for a non profit organization I worked for several years ago. The keynote speaker was none other than Al Franken, a fact I think drove my parents almost over the Republican edge (conveniently located in North Fulton County, GA). To my defense, I did not line up Mr. Franken, that was done before my arrival. I just got to work with 'his peeeps'. Unfortunately, I did not have the forethought to take a photo with Al. But, my friend Amy did! When she updates her blog with photos, I'll include the link (for those that care, and interested in reading a much more entertaining blog than mine).

Lucy, oh yeah, her, how could I forget! Still not walking yet, but thinks about it once in awhile when she's not pushing every button she can find in the house. We bought Lucy her first laptop, which is basically a toy that has lots of buttons.

As you can deduct, Lucy LOVES buttons. The phone is especially tempting.

If you ask her what an owl says, she'll give you a big Whoooooooooo. If you ask her what a dog says, she'll give you an equally enthusiastic, whoooooooooooo. She'll finish Old Mac Donald Had A Farm with an Eeeee, Eyeeeee, Eeeee, Eyeeeee...but she hasn't mastered that last ooooooooooooooooh. I think she calls me, mom, Mimi. And she finally (finally) will wave bye-bye, sometimes. I always feel like such a failure when the ladies at the grocery store wave bye to her and she stares them down. They always ask her age, and then finish their own question with something like 8 months?

No lady, she's 14 months!

She just doesn't feel like waving bye-bye right now.

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Elizabeth said...

I think Lucy taking a discerning approach to engaging strangers in socially trite farewells shows a maturity beyond her months. She’s not one to be someone’s foolish jester – you go, Lucy!