Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Revised Definition of a Hike

Now that we are done with the house work, we have time for fun things, like spending 3 hours spreading mulch all in and around our yard. To celebrate the completion of another project, we took off the afternoon and went hiking. As usual, Lucy was a champ and loved every minute of the hike. She wore herself out and actually fell asleep while drinking her bottle before bed. Those of you who have ever been around during bedtime know the rarity and joyousness of this small gift.

Back by popular demand - more photos of Lucy!

Lucy in motion


Anonymous said...

Will Lucy have trouble wearing tights because her right leg is shorter?

Baby Coffee said...

Actually, tights will be the only thing poor little Lucy One Long Leg will be wearing come winter time. Tights stretch, pants don't - Duh!