Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm gonna get you suckas

In the beginning...

The moment you all (mom and dad) have been waiting for...the final unveiling of the newly painted house (from 4 angles, no less). But first, let's look back just a wee bit on that day we first bought this house, way back in April of 2004. Whenever I see that picture of us standing next to the 'for sale' sign, I just think - ignorant suckers. We had no idea the mess we had just bought. Look at those smiles on our faces. Just be glad I didn't have a blog way back then, because it would be full of blood, sweat and tearful stories. This house has been completely renovated - that includes 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and everything else in between. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. We are 'done' for now. No more big projects, no more PAINTING. We've probably gone through about 50 gallons of paint on this beast. The 2 main floors are completed, as well as the outside. We'll do some more landscaping here and there, and someday, and that someday isn't soon, we'll finish the basement. But for now, we will enjoy the fruits of all our labor on the back porch and enjoy the summer (and fall and winter and spring) away.

Drum roll....

Shutters custom ordered by me, custom constructed by Ken.

That's our garage. I know, it looks like a play house, but we can actually fit 2 cars and all of our 'stuff' in there.

Our garden is on the left. That's the porch where you'll find us drunk.

And that's just the outside. The inside is full of ghastly before and stunning after photos too!


Elizabeth said...

The house looks beautiful -- and tell Ken the shutters look great!

But, isn't this blog called babycoffee? There's not one mention of a baby in this posting. Not one -- not even a pic! Enough about the house -- let's get back to the reason we're all here -- we want Lucy stories!


your bro said...

Looks great! Oh, and it's never done. Just remember that.

Mama Grouch said...

-insert wolf whistle- niiiiiiiice paint job lady!

-insert leering smile- Can I come hang out on your back porch and get drunk with you?

(I love the "suckers" shot. Thats how I feel about my house)