Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pirates and Princesses

Eli had his birthday party on Sunday at our community pool.  We had a joint party with another neighborhood friend who also turned 3 a few days later, Grace.  We went with the princess and pirate theme, served some margaritas, cupcakes and chicken fingers, and called it a party.

Phoebe, loosing her second tooth in as many days.

Grace, the birthday girl

Thankfully, he has a big sister to keep him in line.  Do not blow out those candles, until it is time.

After three years, I finally got a decent picture of me and both of my children.

The last of the motley crew.  Most had gone home.  The dedicated party peeps.

It really was the perfect party.  Kids had fun, adults had beverages and it was all right here in our neighborhood.  We are so lucky to live in a beautiful secret hide-a-way, with a bunch of really fun and loving group of people.  Thanks for a great party!

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