Thursday, June 16, 2011

2nd Tooth

Lucy lost her second tooth today, appropriately while eating a hamburger. She told me to write this note for The Fairy, because she has magical powers. Hopefully, the 2 bucks will suffice??? 1 dollar bill...and 4 quarters...wishful thinking on my part, but The Tooth Fairy does not bring live animals.

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Joey said...

This is really funny because when I was in North Carolina visiting my dad Benjamin, my nephew, went with me. While we were there he lost his second tooth as well and he also decided to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy, it goes as follows: "Tooth Fairy I want $100 Dollars, from Benjamin." I proceeded to tell him that the tooth fairy is very busy and if she gave him that much money, she would not have enough for all the other kids that lost a tooth. He replies; "but she knows me, I'm Benjamin and she remembers me from my first tooth!" Hilarious!! He did not get the $100 but he was still happy the next day when he woke up he was pleased with the money she did leave him.