Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thank you for being so easy to potty train.  You took on the task with serious intensity and did NOT want to mess it up.  After the first day, you really didn't even care if I gave you a reward jelly bean or not (but your sister sure did).  You'll go anywhere, Target, Grandpa's, school, whatever.  You don't really care, just need to do your business and get on with playing.  While potty training, you decided you love to wear Lucy's nightgowns, and we let you.  You even like to wear her swim suits, but I saved those photos for another day.

You are serious about your ice cream consumption.  The only item on your list better than ice cream is chocolate.  Put the two together, and get ready for the most excited little 2 year old you have ever seen.

Lucy's room is your favorite place to be, even if she doesn't agree.  I let you play in there as much as you like when she is at school.  It's only fair.

What's a two year old without froggy boots on a warm day?

You love those little frogs and it takes all your will power not to reach your grubby little hands in there and swipe one for some serious fun. You call them a family, which melts my heart.

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