Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Totally Unprepared

Ha! A medium I haven't used yet to bitch about the Atlanta snow storm of the decade! In case you haven't heard, we are on day 3 of being totally and completely snowed/iced in. No school all week, and most likely not tomorrow (Thursday) either. We've played in the snow, skied, sledded, shoveled and now we are done and would like it to go away. Atlanta is just not prepared in any way to deal with this kind of weather. I read today the city of Atlanta has 8 snow plows???  Why I spent every last morsel of my energy to chip out the ice half way up our huge hill so Ken could get his car to the top and leave it there...I'll never know. Because now, he's gone and I have two stir crazy children, one of whom barfed every 15 minutes from 6pm last night, until 3am this morning. At that time, she *only* barfed every 30 minutes until 6am. All day I've been wondering, does my stomach I feel barf-y...or am I just hungry? Eli is running figure 8 sprints around the table then the kitchen island, something like a caged animal. And Lucy just keeps asking me to sit down with her. But I have piles of laundry! Barfed on at that!

Last night, I will admit I did escape for a few hours. It was a night of fun and adventure. I met my neighbor at the top of the big hill with sleds (to load up with supplies and pull home). We loaded them into the car (that I had stashed up there earlier in the day), and went to the grocery store. But nothing was open, except for Wal-mart. It was a eerie outing, everyone looking half showered, half asleep, like they too have been trapped inside for days. Not all the lights were on in the store, and the produce department was sparsely stocked. We took our sweet time, enjoying the time away, loading up on essentials like toys and hummus. On the way home Ken called to tell me Lucy had started barfing. While trying to park my car at the top of the hill, I got stuck in some mud and which required 4 people to help push it out. I'm not kidding when I say, it was fun and it was good to get out.

The biggest news of the day is Eli TELLING me he has poop in is pants, instead of me discovering it myself and chasing him around the house, tackling him and wrestling him to wipe the smelly excrement off his butt. He also asked me if he could eat it and then told me he smelled it and made smelling -- sniff sniff -- sounds. Like it was a freshly baked pie.

Well, at least the dolls are having a great time!


Bethany C said...

Oh. My. God. Your doll comment could not have hit the nail on the head ANY better! Please know that I am SO laughing with you and not at you on this one. Anyone else got the vomit virus yet??? I truly hope not. Yuck. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help...assuming we can get to the top of the hill tomorrow! I agree...this is getting absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing! I had no idea you had created a masterpiece of an entry as I was driving home from work and enjoying the fruits of my escape today! Something about reading this makes me hanker for a fresh baked pie! KB

Aunt Vickie said...

Cute pj's!!! I like them. Hope your days get better. Can't wait to see all of you.

Carrie said...

OMG The dolls do look like they are having a grand time. LOVE IT!