Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Things of note this week:

Eli has jumped, fallen, flown, soared and slid off everything in my entire house this week.  Remarkably, he has not (seriously) injured himself.  Yet.

Lucy's teeth get smaller by the day.  She grinds them and they are slowly disappearing.  I see it very clearly in photos.  I'm told some kids do this and once they get their permanent teeth in it will stop.  I'm not convinced. 

Lucy dressed up as a 'Cowboy' one day.  She even went to school like this, which is remarkable in itself, since she rarely wants to call attention to the way she dresses.

Eli has taken to barfing on random occasions.  In the car, at the dinner table, in his bed.  He usually tells me when he is done "ALL DONE", then takes off running to jump off something else.

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