Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I started preparing Lucy for Halloween months ago. She is a child who needs time to think about new things; Breathless explanations and endless answers to the question why. For several months, Lucy's only answer to, "What do you want to be this year for Halloween", was Tinkerbell. I made numerous suggestions, trying to trip her up into saying something else. But she was adamant about being Tinkerbell. We poured over magazines and the Internet, looking for a Tinkerbell dress that would not be 'scratchy'. When I found what was sure to be a winner, I showed her the dress countless times, and yes, she agreed, THAT was the one.

The dress arrived the other day. She was excited. I was excited, even though I really wanted her to be something a bit more creative. I took the dress out of the bag and she promptly told me that she wasn't going to put it on until Halloween. Bad sign. I gave it a few days without saying anything. Today, while playing I suggested she try on her dress and she told me NO again. Finally, I bribed her with gummy vitamins and she put it on. That kid didn't keep the thing on for more than 1.5 seconds. She told me she did not want to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. On Thursday, she has a parade at school. So that gives me exactly 1 day to find something suitable. I suggested she could be Penny, from the movie Bolt, and she seemed to think that was a great idea. And we have everything she needs here in the house.

Would it be in bad taste to have Eli wear it instead? Because it sure doesn't seem like he minds it so much.

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Natalie said...

cute little family. you sound like a wonderful mom=)