Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This was a few weeks ago. Ken ran a little 5K race in our town, and the route was just one block down the hill from our house. I grabbed the kids in their P.J.'s and we walked down to cheer Ken on. Lucy passed the time by leaving small piles of cereal for the squirrels to eat. I love Lucy's goofy smile and her shoes on the wrong feet. Always on the wrong feet. I usually tell her, but she casually mentions that it's okay, she likes them that way. Eli is looking so cute, and happy and handsome. He'll be glad when he can get out of that stroller on a more regular basis and run around with his sister. Although, she's almost killed him a few times, she really does like having him around.

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Jo Jo Fat Stuff said...

My youngest just doesn't care period if shoes or clothes are backwards/inside out. He just replies with "It's backwards clothes day today mom!"