Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lucy is Freeeeeee (that's Three)

Creating a birthday cake for Lucy is always a little more difficult than for most kids. We can't just buy any old cake without dairy or eggs. So this year I found a REALLY amazing cake without any of her allergens. It was so good, all the adults couldn't believe the chocolate raspberry mouse cake they were eating was made without some very key ingredients. Only problem was that Lucy didn't like it. That cake was for the first party we had last weekend. So for her 'party' at school I made her special cupcakes. But for her official birthday cake, on her official birthday (yesterday), I made her a cake with all her favorites. Dora, icing, sprinkles, lollipops and candles - and she loved it. It's only taken me three years, but I think I finally got this birthday cake thing down. Happy Third Birthday Lucy!

And what kind of party would it be if it didn't end with half naked people pretending to ice fish with their new Dora fishin' pole?

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Mama Grouch said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! May you always be able to fish naked!