Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daily Rituals

Generally this is how we start out our day. Lucy isn't exactly a morning person. There is usually lots of crying and moaning and drama over something so small I can't even figure out what the problem is. Hopefully, after she has some breakfast, which is another whole story, she gets in a better mood.

Whenever I want to put Eli in the car seat, this is what I find. Lucy is very adept at putting things into the car seats, correctly buckling AND tightening the straps. It's cute, but a little difficult to hold a baby and up buckle and loosen the straps with one hand.

And then if we go somewhere twice in one day, I'll find this:

This is where Eli currently sleeps. In a moses basket next to our bed. Lucy's old pink moses basket to be more specific. Do you think he'll be emotionally damaged when he knows this is where he spent the first several months of his life? I tell you, this boy is big, and soon he'll outgrow the basket. What you can't see here is poor Eli's bad rash caused by the hormones in breast milk. It should be gone soon. Until then, you don't want to see any close ups.

And finally, Lucy is usually her happiest, right before bed. Grandpa gave her this nightgown yesterday and she LOVES it. She's a night owl and gets into her groove about 30 minutes before bedtime. A time we deem completely reasonable for a two year old to go to bed, but one she disagrees with. And then we start the circle over again...

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