Friday, June 20, 2008

30 Days

With thirty days to go until my official due date, I thought I'd give you a quick state of affairs and what's on the top of our list in the next month:

The official 'party deck' as Ken calls it is being constructed and I'm hoping this deck will live up to all my hopes and dreams. Those hopes and dreams mostly consist of putting Lucy out on the deck for hours of fun while I tend to a new baby. And then after the new baby and I have bonded, putting myself out there for hours of drinking! So here is where we stand with the deck project. Everyday I'm told they will 'finish it today'. So far, we are only about a three days behind schedule.

This view from the window is where a set of french doors will be. French doors that are still on order...

Next on the project list was to install a simple new counter top. The island in our kitchen had no overhang, which rendered it useless as a place for eating or hanging out (in our already small kitchen). So we decided to go ahead and put in new counter tops for the entire kitchen and island. Seemed simple enough. But then we were told our base cabinets were in such bad shape they would not support the new counter top (after, of course, the old one was ripped out). So then we got new base cabinets. Then new counter tops, then our new sink - but now we have no back splash because the old one had to be ripped out for the new counter top. Asleep yet with boredom? A simple new counter top turned into that plus, new base cabinets that we still need to paint, a new back splash - that we will be paying someone to install and a new sink - which Ken plumbed. Sorry baby, we shall not be able to afford diapers or food for the entire family for several years. But our kitchen will look smashing!

A blurry picture of our island counter top and posts that need to be painted.

I seem to remember going through a home renovation once, and swearing to never do it again. Maybe it was something like 'I never want to go through a home renovation again unless I am 36 weeks pregnant and have a 2 year old'?

In Lucy land, Dora has taken a major back seat. Dora, the one who used to go everywhere with Lucy now lives at the bottom of the bathtub. Thankfully, Boots is there to keep her company during the long nights.

There is a new licensed character in town and her name is SNOW WHITE! Do you feel the love?

Not 2 minutes after I posted this entry, Ken came into the office and noticed a HUGE leak in the ceiling. The new water line to the new fridge had been leaking for a week, and saturated two tiles of the dropped ceiling Ken installed in our office. All in all, it will be an easy fix and we are thankful it wasn't worse. We will be so excited when this is all over and we can enjoy our beautiful house!

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