Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Photo Backlog

This is what life is like with Lucy. Always in motion, motion, motion

We went to a small local outdoor concert. Lucy had a blast, and so of course did we.

My lastest inspiration is the stage the band played on.

This is how Lucy feels about most hugs. But, she enjoys playing with her new friend.

The lake only a few blocks from our house. A few very hilly blocks, but it's still close. So close, that we may be drinking out of this hole if it doesn't rain around here soon.

The favorite new backpack.

Lucy created this stack of blocks all on her own. She's a block stacking master.

More original creations

And lastly, it should be noted in BOLD, that most, if not all photos are taken by Dad.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

She's so cute -- are you SURE you don't want to bring her north for the weekend? She'll love our wedding band! :)