Monday, July 02, 2007

We Are Rednecks Now!

Another guest entry! This time, it's Ken who has something to say.

Amy and Lucy have spent a lot of time in Georgia over the past 21 months. I even made the trip twice last year. We finally made our move to the peach state at the end of March. That being said, it has seemed more like an extended visit than a new state of residence. Well, all that changed last week. What changed? Why would last week be any different than the previous three months? Maybe you are thinking our house closing changed all that and made us feel at home. Wrong! We do not even live at that place yet. Rather, it was a series of events that finally brought it all together for me.

First, and most importantly, Amy registered the Saab in Georgia! The license plate with the canoe gently gliding across a quiet Minnesota lake has been replaced by a wildflower and the word “Fulton” stamped on the bottom. Fulton County; home of Bobby Brown and Whitney, the Atlanta Braves, and regular tapings of the television show “Cops”!

You can visit places or even move places. But if you don’t put the plates on your car, you have not committed. We have arrived. We are rednecks now!

More events happened last week to confirm we have settled into Georgia life. Local news is a tell tale sign of where you are. Minnesota has stories about upcoming snow storms. California has car chases shot from helicopters. Georgia has news stories of guys complaining about getting citations for having issues with their property. I am not talking about the city of Minneapolis giving someone a ticket for a broken hand railing or a cracked sidewalk. This guy received 12 citations this year regarding his property. Picture this in your mind. Billy Joe wearing his greasy ball cap with a thick southern drawl complaining about the tickets he got for the abandoned car in the front yard, broken down RV in the backyard and bags of garbage piled up around the RV. Did I mention that he has not mowed his yard yet this year? You can’t make it up! They even hauled away his seven month pregnant cousin Cindy Lou for said violations. Jeff Foxworthy would be proud!

Finally, Lucy has given up all the sophistication that comes with being born in Edina and has decided to join those that surround her. This picture was shot the other night after she wildly drove her car into a pile of mulch. She decided it was as good a spot as any to wet her whistle. What you don’t see is the confederate flag and NRA bumper stickers, the twelve pack of beer and loaded .45 she keeps in the front trunk! We may have lost her for good!

The truth of the matter is that we have all adjusted to our new life in Georgia. The painters will be in the new house all this week and we may even have a home of our own by the end of July. Amy is holding up well. She has the toughest job of all of us. She has to chase Lucy all day long, coordinate everything from paint colors for every room to new furniture purchases for our new home. This is in addition to keeping me on task with all the projects that need to be completed prior to our final move in date. I don’t know how she does it. I take that back. I think I know how she does it. She takes one look at the sweaty smiling girl below!

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