Thursday, May 24, 2007


It's been a long two weeks, but as of yesterday, we officially got the house. There were inspections and requests for repairs, and addendums to this and extensions to that. There was a tub with a broken jet (a jetted tub!) that I was refusing to back down from and various repair quotes sought. Somehow, it all came together. Here is our cute little new house. The current plan is to build a two car garage with a screened in porch in the back. We'll let you know as the plans progress. The front:

The view from the front porch:

The view to the side:

Do you get the theme?

Lucy loves it (at the botancial gardens):

And I do too:

We close on the house in about a month, so I have only a few short weeks to pick out my new paint colors! And the house isn't as small as it looks. There are actually 4 decent sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a huge laundry room and extra playroom. Plus, a tuck under garage that will be used as our workshop/studio. I think it's even slightly bigger than our previous house.


Mama Grouch said...

So cute! So cottage-y! So much green and trees and stuff!

I want me one of those.

Gamserberg Gazette said...

That's such great news! I'm excited for you all. Looks very "Amy" already and of course I mean that in the best way. Are you planning on doing a color poll again ;)

Jo Jo Fat Stuff said...

Did you write the hanging stars and metal flowers in the agreement? Too cute. I love the house, it looks like a perfect fit for your family. Enjoy!


Catherine said...

What a great home! Congratulations! That porch is a dream and the trees are beautiful!

Mrs. Corky said...

What an adorable house! I can't wait to come for a visit. Folk Fest 2008?