Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My cell phone, it takes pictures!

The snow starts flying today and everyone is all depressed, saying things like, “Sure is cold out there”, and “I’m not ready for winter”, and whatever other generic weather comment you can think of on your own. We all know it will warm up again, the sun will shine and we will still get skip around outside before the bottom really falls out in November. Get another cup of coffee people.

Ah yes, Coff-Ay! Filler up! My play group friends and I decided to meet at the coffee shop today (the weather – it’s BAD) with the play area for tots. Evidently, EVERY other mom in the hood had the same idea because it was MASS CHAOS. At one point, no exaggeration, I counted 20 kids. I’m sure I missed a few due to back hallway toy heists and for fear if I took my eyes off of Lucy for more than three seconds she might become a casualty of war. The most exciting part of the whole event was that I captured one small image on my cell phone camera. And then I emailed to myself. And it worked! I’ve learned nothing new in the past year that doesn’t have to do with babies. I am quite proud of myself for figuring out the features of my 1.5 year old cell phone, despite the fact I wasted away half of a precious baby nap in the process.

This is Lucy and her pal Oscar. We were the first to arrive, thus were able to stake out our territory. You can’t see it in this picture, but you have to believe me. The numbers were impressive. Much more so than the photo.

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