Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lucy's 10 month birthday 7/19/06

Summer is flying by up here, complete with 100 degree days, car break downs and summer art classes.

Lucy is learning to like the beach, and since we live in the land of 10,000 lakes, there are plenty of them to choose from. As long as the water is warm, Lucy is content to sit at the waters edge and play. So far, no sand eating contests. I'm thankful for that since I've read it looks the same coming out as it does going in.

My car broke down on the SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY last weekend as I was coming home from a relaxing evening with friends, AT 11:30 PM. It's a long story and I will spare you most of the unimportant details. The repair job was $2000. Very important detail - all the repairs were covered under a recall notice! Very small detail - we got that recall notice two weeks after Lucy was born and just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

I just finished taking a mosaic art class to learn a new technique. It was so fun to use my creative energy for something besides figuring out new ways to contain ever growing piles of poop in dirty diapers. Here's a photo of what I made:

Lucy is very close to learning to crawl. It's painful to watch the process. I keep showing her how it all looks, but she doesn't believe me. This must be my first lesson in learning to back off and let the poor child figure it out on her own. And in case you are wondering or care or are ever up at 5:30am and need to get a hold of someone...Lucy STILL wakes up just about every night, and at 5:30am. It's so totally unreasonable.

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Elizabeth said...

Love the mosaic -- esp the little fish piece in there. :)